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Actualizado: 22 oct 2022

Order 01 腐男子バーテンダーの嗜み

Fudanshi Bartender no Tashinami

Hibiki (Takuma Wada) was worried about the pub manager´s partner (Takeshi Masu). He has no imagine that Hokuto (Miona Hori) ask him for employing a new member. This way, Torii (Tomohisa Yuge) y Yamazaki (Nakao Masaki), go to the pub and makes fly Hibiki´s bl imagination. Chita (Kenta Suga), a new worker who began for his own interest, he is a beautiful and cute athlete and a new party begin into Hibiki´s mind.

Order 2: 運命のつがい

Unmei no tsugai

Kobuchisawa (Kazuhiro Yamaji), a childhood friend of the pub manager and union leader of Enoshima Nakamise, came to the store, and Hibiki was delighted when the store manager’s “Fateful Couple” appeared, but there was Kobuchisawa. On the other hand, the newcomer Chita is gradually getting used to work, but it seems that customer service is still uncertain. Hibiki tries to set Chita up with a regular Iwai (Shogo Suzuki), but Iwai’s friend Taketsuru (Shota Matsushima) comes to the store.

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